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The Course

My 4 part mini course is for business owners who just don’t know where to start when it comes to content planning, you're feeling overwhelmed, or feeling like you're just posting because someone says you have to.

Each module covers the concepts behind social media strategy and helps you start putting together your own plan, so you can start posting with purpose! You will finish the course with a month's worth of content, a strategy and feel more comfortable about going forward!

You will receive a workbook with activities to complete both during modules, a calendar template and the option to spend one-on-one time with me to finesse your content plan.

The Learning Outcomes

💪 Learn how to develop a social media strategy for your business

💪 Learn how to post with purpose

💪 Batch create your content, so all of the work can be done in a few hours

💪 Walk away with a complete plan for your social media for a whole MONTH


The Curriculum

Module One – who is your ideal client and where are they hanging out online?

Module Two – content pillars and batching

Module Three – branding and graphic design basics

Module Four – measuring your success and next steps

The Date

You can start whenever you're ready!  The self-paced course is available now OR you can register for the one-on-one coaching option! 

The Format

  • You will receive access to the exclusive self paced course

  • You will receive a workbook, and a calendar to complete during the course

ACCESS THE SELF PACED COURSE HERE or register below for one-on-one support!

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