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Welcome to an empowering partnership that sparks brilliance in your small business! When you work with me, Michelle, you gain access to a personalised and transformative experience tailored to your unique needs. Let's dive into what it looks like to embark on this journey together!

Overcome Overwhelm: Address immediate pain points and create a clear path to success with tailored strategies.

Unleash Hidden Potential: Discover your true capabilities and align your business with your vision for long-term success.

Empowered Confidence: Believe in yourself and your ideas, and watch your business soar to new heights.

Transform Your Business Today!

If you're a passionate and ambitious woman ready to ignite your business brilliance, let's connect!


Together, we'll explore your unique goals and challenges, and I'll provide you with a sense of calm, loyalty, and personalised support. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to a thriving, joy-filled business!


... your ticket to mastering marketing strategies and content planning

Are you ready to transform your marketing game in 2024?

Do your school holidays turn your business into a juggling act? 🤡


I have the perfect solution tailor-made for super-busy business mums like YOU!

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Coaching intensive


Get ready for a high-impact strategy session! 

Imagine dedicating 60 minutes solely to your business—unblocking challenges, uncovering growth potential, and brainstorming innovative ideas. 

It's that transformative hour for your business.

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Experience a transformational day of coaching and strategy designed exclusively for you!

During our VIP Day, we'll delve into powerful branding or rebranding, create a captivating social media refresh with ready-to-use templates, craft a tailored content plan, and develop winning marketing strategies to set your business ablaze!

VIP dy


Calling all ambitious women entrepreneurs!

Are you ready to unleash your true business brilliance and soar to new heights of success?


EmpowerYOU, my exclusive one-on-one coaching program, is your ticket to untangling those crazy ideas, having an accountability partner, developing winning business strategies, and embrace the magic of entrepreneurial empowerment! 

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Can't find what you're looking for? No worries!

My Bespoke Package allows you to tailor a customised package that aligns perfectly with your unique business needs and aspirations.

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